Smoke billowing in the wind
Eyes shining with tears unshed
She stares up at the starry sky
Searching for her lost soul within

Eyes closed, flashes of memory
Eyes open, harsh reality
She clenches her fists
Guilt and pain clawing at her heart

There is nowhere to go, nowhere to hide
Stuck like a wheel forgotten in time
She lets out a sigh, pursing her lips
There is no room for weakness, impossible to run

Scars on her body, scars on her mind
Losing a battle that was once won
She shudders at the hollow reflection staring back from the mirror
It all comes crashing down, what is she doing, this is not her

Gasping for air, holding on to hope
She raises her arms, embracing the sky,
Darkness is fading, a shadow of a smile
Seeing clearly after a long long time,
…yes she will find her way back to the soul.


I love…


i love watching the crinkle of your cheeks

when you smile

i love seeing the light of passion in your eyes

when you talk

i love listening to your hum

when you lose yourself in a song you like

i love hearing the chime of your voice

when you laugh

i love the sense of calm

when i lie in your arms

i love the way your fingers feel

when entwined with mine

i love how i fit against your frame

when you hold me tight

i love the warmth that fills my heart

when you look into my eyes

but most of all,

i love the scintillated happiness

of loving you

when you are by my side.


Shallow breaths, blurring vision,

hoping and aching and petrified in pain

trying hard not to love you

but these efforts go in vain.

Strangled words, half-written letters

trying to write you away,

silence glimmers, irony laughs,

on paper you can’t stay away.

Immortalised in ink

memorised in syllables

every stroke is a thought of you

relief in these words – so minimal.

Wish I could stop, not feel

pretend i’m fine and pain never existed

this love is blinding, so paralysing

can’t breathe ’cause I’m addicted.

Dear Daughter

Dear daughter,

if you grow up to be anything like me

then don’t bow your head in shame

for sins never committed

mistakes never made

don’t shy away from the desperation

from the soaked pillows greeting you every morning

pain is what makes you human

don’t let anyone tell you otherwise

embrace the pain and let go of your fear

for if you’re anything like me

they’ll try to douse your fire

but don’t you dare stop burning

Dear daughter hell may knock on your door many times

disguised as men who will despise your every word

give you bruises and aches and scars

the fences around you will block your escape

hushed whispers and outrageous cries marking your nightmares

they will bend you to their will and entice you to conform

but Daughter if you’re anything like me

you’ll break free

fight and continue to fight

they may kick you bloody and sore

but let the pain steel your heart

don’t let them dash your hopes and dreams

or offer your ashes to the skies

you may think you deserve it at times

that you are not strong enough for battle

but dear Daughter if you’re anything like me

you’re cut out for this struggle

and I promise

you shall taste victory one day

for you’re born of a strong mother

who learnt how to survive

in this cruel, cruel world.

They call to me

It has been a while since I wrote one of these…. and this just came to me today in my homesickness… so here’s a short poem composed by me:

The sound of the lapping waves, the rush of the wild sea, 

the kiss of the whistling wind, the rustle of the soft sand,

sunken in memories, shining through sight, they call to me.

The murmur of the green grass, the dance of the majestic tree,

the smile of the gleaming sun, the music of the pattering rain,

sunken in memories, shining through sight, they call to me.

The scent of the homely bread, the wisps of the evening tea,

the laughter in Her love-filled joy, the twinkle in His profound eyes, 

sunken in memories, shining through sight, they call to me.

The innocence of the childhood toys, the whisper of the cherished history,

the pull of the sweet heaven, the beckoning of the beloved home,

sunken in memories, shining through sight, they call to me. 

In memory of Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania – my home.
Missing my parents – Her & Him.

Thank you for always inspiring me.

Thank you for pushing me to the ground

so I could get back up with renewed vigour,

Thank you for bringing tears to my eyes

so I could strive even harder for a smile,

Thank you for being an obstacle in my path

so I could turn it into a milestone,

Thank you for snatching my right,

so I could find a better opportunity,

Thank you for reminding me of my faults

so I could do my best to improve,

Thank you for causing me agony

so I could learn to deal with pain,

Thank you for not being a friend,

so I could be brave enough to face a foe.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Never Too Late.”

The Good Old Days

We think about childhood and memories of friendships, innocence, laughter and freedom come to mind. There are countless of those that make us wish for the ‘good old days’ to come back…

because there is something about the selfless friendship of five year olds, giving their all and not asking anything in return, that bring a smile to our face;
because there is something about the innocence of seven year olds, asking the simplest of questions, that make us laugh;
because there is something about the laughter of nine year olds, so carefree and enthusiastic, that makes us long for the same;
because there is something about the freedom of eleven year olds, their days filled with timid worries of school and solace in their parents’ arms, that makes our heart ache for those merry days. 

If only those good old days filled with raw love could freeze in time and stay in our lives forever. 

In response to the Daily Post Prompt:

Salad Days

When did I grow up…?

When did I grow out of eating candies and stick ice creams
instead choosing to settle for diet cokes and cups of corn,
when did I stop savoring my favorite sweet tastes
and began worrying about the pounds I put on?

When did I grow out of wearing what I first saw in the closet
instead starting to stop and evaluate my look in the mirror,
when did I stop considering my comfort in attires
and began worrying about my ‘public figure’?

When did I grow out of inane talking for hours on end
instead deciding to pick my words carefully during conversations,
when did I stop speaking for the sheer joy of discourse
and began worrying about words and their implications?

When did I grow out of laughing easily and openly
instead preferring to give chuckles brief and smiles small,
when did I stop living so carefree and blithe
and began worrying about the names they’d call?

When did I grow out of crying for cuts and bruises
instead choosing to hide my scars and blink back the tears,
when did I stop expressing my pain to those I loved
and began worrying about exposing to the world my fears?

When did I grow out of dreaming for princes and knights
instead starting to think of love as a mere fantasy,
when did I stop hoping for fairytale endings
and began worrying about deceit and fallacy?

{Composed by me}


I see you in the sands of the shore,
in the grains that drown.
My eyes seek you out, as
my forsake is sadder than my frown.

I see you in the flowers of the field,
in the blooms that wither.
My hands reach out to you, as
my shrug is sadder than my quiver. 

I see you in the leaves of the Autumn,
in the fronds that break off,
My lips call out your name, as
my sigh is sadder than my sob.

I see you in the dew of the morning,
in the drops that dissolve.
My feet run to you, as
my brace is sadder than my fall.

I see you in the winds of the hill,
in the whispers that disappear.
My heart yearns for you, as
my smile is sadder than my tear. 

-Composed by me
(Aditi Verma)

Take Me Away

Take me away to a world
where there is no blood and murder, 
‘Cause I don’t want to stay
when violence here is dearly nurtured.

Take me away to a world

devoid of discord and terror,
‘Cause I don’t belong here 
amidst screams of horror.

Take me away to a world

free from cruelty and torment
‘Cause I can’t reside here
surrounded by songs of lament.

Take me away to a world 

bereft of slaughter and carnage, 
‘Cause I can’t breathe
in this baleful crimson haze.

Take me away to a world

that doesn’t harbour enmity and hate,
‘Cause I have no place here
with tragedy looming over my fate.

Take me away to a world 

unaware of rage and malice
‘Cause I want to live in a world
that values love, hope, and peace. 

{Composed by Me}