A month ago, I wrote about making a tough decision. A decision that involved a huge change in my life. It involved a lot of anxiety, confusion, uncertainty, and thrill. Today, I complete one week of living that decision: my move to Canberra (Australia).

So far, I have been settling in. Shifting to an apartment from a temporary hostel, shopping tons of stuff to get started, managing my time with evening classes and work all day, and balancing all that with staying healthy and keeping in touch with my loved ones thousands of miles away.

It’s been one hell of a ride. You would think, after having been to and lived in four different countries, armed with plenty of experience in meeting people and adjusting to new places, moving here would be a breeze. Surprisingly, it’s not. Each place is different, each culture is unique, and every single move is difficult. The term difficult also comes with the tags of exciting, adventurous, refreshing, and learning though, which is what makes it worthwhile.

I am trying my best to be as involved in everything as possible, get a jumpstart on my work and academics, and make the most of my time here (all while keeping in budget)! It is a task but not an impossible one. To cap it off, I am glad I made the decision and took the leap of faith. New ventures, new opportunities, and so many new horizons have opened up since my arrival here, and it’s only been a week! There’s so much to explore, within me and around me, that 24 hours are just not enough.

Of course, there are times when the feeling of loneliness creeps in, when it’s painful and sad to miss the loved ones, when what’s coming ahead seems like an abyss of ambivalence; but reassuring myself that this is all for the better, for my growth, and having the support of those who matter the most, helps a lot.

So, yes, change is scary, but it is also worth it. Stepping out of that comfort zone for a week has already taught me so many things, and am looking forward to the journey ahead 🙂

A little sneak peek at my life here:

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