This post marks the launch of a new series on my blog: #DreamingBig. Under this, I’ll be featuring ‘ordinary’ individuals whom I find inspirational – particularly because they have not stopped chasing their dreams, and/or are well on their way to achieving them. These individuals can belong to any field, any part of the world, and be of any age/race/gender etc., and I’ll be personally interviewing them. The frequency of the posts under the series will range from monthly to bi-monthly. 

The MTV Star: Ermin Telalovich


Ermin is a 28-year-old university student, studying English language & Literature, whose passion is composing music. He belongs to the city of Zenica (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and finds himself lucky to have been able to turn his dream of becoming a musician into a reality. Or at least, take a big step towards it. After all, he is a proud MTV-featured electronic music producer and multi-instrumentalist today.

Me: How is the experience of having your music played on MTV? 

Ermin: Having your name up there with all of your musical role models is a very distinctive kind of recognition. As such, it comes with great responsibility. It keeps me hungry for constant improvement, rather than feeling that I’ve reached the final destination. The greatest joy about it is having your music out there for someone, somewhere, sometime to discover, experience, think about and hopefully enjoy. Receiving fan mail from different parts of the planet and knowing that someone took the time to listen to and interpret your music in their own way, discover their own meaning of it – it is a special feeling and experience.

Me: That’s amazing, but how did this journey begin? 

Ermin: Well, it started when I first got in touch with composing in 1992 , at the age of 4, playing my niece’s piano, and creating numerous variations on this popular ‘Lambada’ theme. Discovering my interest in the area, I continued an education in music through Musical Elementary school and Musical High school, concentrating on, and mastering my skills on the piano, guitar and musical theory.

Me: When did this interest of studying music transform into a lifelong dream? 

Ermin: While in high school, my friends and I formed a pop-rock oriented band, concentrating on producing songs rather than covering someone else’s releases. It was then that I felt the urge to express myself rather differently, and was introduced to music making softwares like FL Studio. What started as a game, soon turned into a beautiful, lasting, musical experience that has continued to upgrade from track to track.

Snapshot of Ermin's music on MTV.
Snapshot of Ermin’s music on MTV.

Me: Who is your role model or inspiration? 

I have studied ENIGMA’s mega mind Michael Cretu and his modus operandi when it comes to composing and producing. I like to follow in his footsteps and aim to transmit  the erotic, melancholic, seasonal, romantic, mystical, playful and enigmatic themes and emotions through my pieces. Of course, throughout my life, there have been various role models, from superheroes, to astronauts, to composers. I like to draw inspiration from all of them to channel into my music. 

Me: How would you describe your music? 

Ermin: Although sometimes conceptual, my music is a direct, frank and encrypted report on everything I encounter, be it the sounds of my surroundings, visuals, feelings, textures or scents. Music is a tool I chose for documenting the age I live in. Hence the decision to use the synthetic instruments rather than the classical ones. They represent this millenium.

Me: The big question: what now? 

Ermin: I would say that, so far, I’ve only achieved a goal, rather than my dream. What now? To keep achieving the goals I set for myself in this endless, everchanging game called music. The next one is engaging in film scoring and consequently winning an Academy award for Best Music in a Motion Picture. 

Personally, I find Ermin’s story inspirational. He never gave up on what he wanted, and from a hobby to a dream to a career, he has indeed come a long way. His simple advice for others like him: There is someone, somewhere who will find your work inspiringSo, continue to challenge yourself. 

One of the pieces he’s particularly proud of:

This is his YouTube channel & This is his soundcloud.

If you have a story to share about your dream, no matter how big or small, ping me at and I will get back to you 🙂



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