I hear the question “where do you come from” all too often. It is one that always gives me trouble because I am honestly confused what to answer, especially now that I’m here in England. Technically, I’ve come here from Malaysia. My “home” though is in Tanzania – where my family lives and where I go for holidays – but I belong to India. Harder than finding the right answer is explaining it to a complete stranger.

Harder than that though is explaining it to myself. Where am I from? Where’s my home? Yes, India is my home country but I haven’t lived there for a long while now. Tanzania is somewhere I grew up and it’s really close to my heart, but in the end, it is not my home. Malaysia is somewhere I went to study. England is somewhere I’ve come to study as well. My ‘nomadic’ lifestyle almost boggles me at times.

Despite that, I’ve loved every moment of my travels. The experiences have been amazing and the feel of being in an intercultural environment, meeting new people, it is always refreshing. They say home is where the heart is and my heart lies in travelling. In a way, India, Tanzania, Malaysia and England are all my homes because they all contain a piece of my heart. I have so many fond memories from each of these places and I honestly could not have been the person I am today without them.

Here’s hoping for many more years of travelling and many more places to call home =)


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