They say that the journey is better than the destination. As someone who loves travelling and exploring new places, I couldn’t agree more. However, I’d like to modify that statement a little to: The journey is better than the destination because the destination makes it worthwhile.

In the past month, I have travelled to the cities of Newcastle Upon Tyne, York, Edinburgh, Iverness, London, Belfast and Bushmills with my sister. Some have been day trips while others longer stays and each one memorable in its own way.

My first stop from Bristol was in Newcastle where my sister resides. The small town was bustling with activity with Christmas and New Year’s around the corner. The memorials in the city, the bustling Christmas market, the beautiful decorations and the New Year’s celebrations won my heart here. It was an experience like never before, enjoying the sights of so many strangers all gathered together to welcome the New Year with dazzling fireworks over the bridge and following the parade that went through the town with its colourful music and dance. It was as if the city never slept that entire week I stayed there, with its bridges shimmering with lights and the heart of the city – Eldon Square – immersed in activity.

The band (part of it).
The parade (part of it).
New Year's Fireworks.
New Year’s Fireworks.
New Year's Fireworks.
New Year’s Fireworks.
The millennium bridge.

From Newcastle, I went for a day trip to York – a historic walled city in North Yorkshire. The beauty here was a different kind – there was immense architecture, some great scenic beauty and interesting tourist experiences. The way the hands of the clock moved from 7 in the morning to 8 in the night, I didn’t realise – every minute kept me busy in walking, admiring and simply enjoying the sights and feel of the city.

The city of York.
Inside York Minster – the famous cathedral.
Enjoying the cable car ride at Jorvik Viking Centre.
Looking at life in the Viking Village.
The city of York.

Indeed, these are only very limited snaps of my time in the two wonderful cities of Newcastle and York. There was so much to see and I captured little of it with my camera; most with my eyes. The scenic beauty in these places, the buildings, the ambience, it all gave a refreshing vibe and for my journeys here to be chronicled properly, a much, much longer space is needed.

My visit to Edinburgh & Iverness will follow in the next few days in another blog entry. Until then, goodbye!


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