As a must-write ‘new year’ post, I have decided to share 5 tried and tested ways that have made me happy (and continue to do so) here. Some of these, I admit, I have not been able to follow diligently, but whenever I have, a smile has always turned up on my face. So here goes, with the hope that this new year 2015 turns out to be a happy one for all of us =)

1. Choose a big empty jar and keep it in a place where your gaze will fall as soon as you enter your house/room. Every time something happens that makes you happy, write it in a small note and put it in the jar. Your smile will grow along with the growing memories in the jar.

2. Take a day out for yourself at least once every month. Say the third Saturday of every month. Call this day with your name (example: Aditi Day). Every month on this day, spend time with yourself and do stuff that makes you happy. It could just be spending an entire day curled up in your room with your favourite book and coffee, or watching tons of youtube videos, or spending the day at the mall with yourself. Anything that you like!

3. Help others. This could be a monthly, bi-montly or even a tri-monthly thing. Spend some time with people at the old-age home, or maybe the kids at the orphanage or the blind school. Maybe cook something for the homeless, or donate some of your stuff. Do something that makes others happy – that feeling will keep you happy too.

4. Plan a trip – even if you actually don’t take one. This doesn’t need to be a regular thing, but it could be a few times in the year, especially if you’re feeling particularly low. Just think about taking a nice holiday, research it a bit, plan it out – it will help as the feeling of anticipation and excitement will surely bring a smile to your face. You don’t have to take that trip right now, but you could sure do in a couple months, or even an year!

5. Spend time with friends and family. Need I even explain? Being close to loved ones is always a happiness boost. If you are having a particularly busy time at work or school or whatever, just breathe and remember your loved ones – and give them a ring or drop by their place as soon as you get some time out. You can even organise family/friend outings once in a while to keep everyone together and happy!


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