A while ago, I made a post talking about one of the common things I often hear as an undergraduate broadcasting and journalism student. Today, I would like to rant talk about another one of those things (and in a highly opinionated manner yet again, so be warned):

  • Studying this subject must be a breeze.

Well, excuse me, but it’s not. It may sound like a breeze to you – but try writing a 30 page fiction script all on your own, or interviewing random strangers on the street and getting useful information out of them, or going through hours and hours of sifting through content to write a decent paper and then tell me it’s a breeze.

Yes, it may not seem as hard as cramming entire textbooks (though I did have to do that for some of my modules as well) or solving loads of math problems and stuff, but it still is a lot of work. In fact, I would say it involves as much amount of effort, time, and dedication as any other course out there so please don’t pass a judgement about how easy a time someone’s having studying unless you’ve walked in their shoes.

There’s one thing though – I do love studying what I’m studying; staying up nights drinking coffee and working on never-ending scripts, going out for days on end to try and get a good story, spending tons of my time in front of my laptop getting all sorts of research done, writing and writing until my brain is dead and my fingers are numb, shouting and shooting and enjoying the excitement of being on-location… it’s all a part of the learning process, and every experience has taught and continues to teach me something… sometimes about my line of work, and sometimes about life.

It’s not easy, and it’s nowhere near being a cakewalk or a breeze, but it’s my love and I shall stand by it through thick and thin!


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