As an undergraduate broadcasting & journalism student, I’m often told many things, and this is ‘part 1’ of the many (sequels to this post may follow):

1) A career in journalism doesn’t involve a lot of money.

Now, I don’t know how true the first statement is, and honestly, I don’t want to find out. Why? Because frankly I don’t care. I didn’t choose mass communication because of the money. Hell, I didn’t even think about the money factor when I chose this line of career. You may think I’m lying to make myself sound awesome or something, but trust me, I’m not (and well if you don’t, can’t do anything about that).

I was barely 13 when I decided this is what I want to do – and this was the dream I set my eyes on about 6 years ago and today I’m on my way to achieving it. And knowing that makes me happy and that’s what matters to me. I want to live every day of my life feeling satisfied in what I do – I want to write not because it is a chore I have to finish but because I find joy in the words I write. I want to sit in the newsroom until 5 AM not because I have to for the sake of my job but because I am passionate and focused on the deadline I want to complete. I want to go out on the field of some crazy scene not for the sake of my portfolio but because I want to experience the thrill of doing what I love.

Money may make the world go round, but it can’t buy happiness – and to me the latter matters more (though hopefully I’ll still earn enough to support myself :P).

P.S. This may sound highly opinionated, but hey it’s a blog post and it’s about what feel and think, but journalism students around the world, feel free to share your own views with me! xD



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