Since my move to Bristol (UK) about 2 months ago, I’ve learnt a lot of new things. So, I decided to compile a list of 10 of these things and have some fun!

1. Walking in the rain without an umbrella – because there’s no point carrying an umbrella in the crazy windy-rainy weather here (the umbrella will just flip inside-out and most likely break)… instead I put on my hoodie and brave the rain.

2. Long walks are really not much of a big deal – I am a lazy person. I wouldn’t walk 5 minutes if it were up to me. However, Bristol makes me walk for 30 minutes (sometimes more) a day and I have started to enjoy it.

3. Shopping is something for the late afternoons – most shops close by 7 PM.

4. Instant noodles are a way of life – does this even need explaining? Yay (or Nay?) for student life!

5. Buses are an evil means of transport – seriously they can’t be relied on. (Wessex, I’m looking at you).

6. Writing is not possible unless snuggled in bed with a quilt and a coffee – because really the cold doesn’t let me function without them.

7. Nachos are the best thing ever – I think I may be addicted.

8. Lecturers make great friends – because I couldn’t have asked for more helpful and pleasant people to learn my lessons from.

9. Google maps come second when finding directions – the people are so friendly, they happily tell the way when asked (if they know it).

10. Greenery is beautiful – the greenery amidst the amazing architecture is a sight to be appreciated.

Just my neighbourhood 🙂

*this list is meant for good fun – no offence to anyone/anything!


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