Recently, I read the famous classic “Lolita” by Russian author Vladimir Nabakov and I was floored by the beauty of it. Not once in my reading did I feel that the author of the book is a non-native of the english language. It got me thinking about the first time I ventured into showing my writings to someone else. I always wrote in the english language but was afraid that I make too many mistakes in the beginning.

Nonetheless, as I gained confidence in my writings, be it poetry or short stories, I decided to provide them with exposure. It still took me a lot of courage to post my first story on HPFF (the fan fiction site) because not only was I wary of the content in general which is a fear most writers face, but I was also dealing with the fear of being ridiculed for my grammar, sentence phrasing etc. which is different from the native english speakers. Thankfully, my work received nothing but appreciation and constructive criticism both of which encouraged me, helped me improve, and become a better writer.

That was just me but there are countless other writers who are not native speakers of the english language yet they like to and wish to write in english. Some are not even brought up in a partly english-speaking environment like I was and yet they do it, and they do it amazingly well. An advice I’d like to give to such writers is to keep reading works in english, constantly brush up on your vocabulary, stay in touch with the rules of the language, and most importantly, continue to write. Write and don’t be afraid to show it to the world, to receive constructive criticism and helpful advice, because the more exposure you receive, the more you’ll learn and improve.


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