A step ahead, a glance behind
Onward she moves, memories in mind
Night by night, day by day,
The clock carries on ticking away.

Eyes on victory, goal is set
Marching on, towards a future unread
Dusks set in, followed by dawns,
The time keeps moving on and on.

Beauty in words, confident stance
Longing to reach, almost in a trance
Seconds race, moments pass,
The instants continue to shift into hours.

A smile in place, head held high
Closer she gets, not a single tired sigh
Hourglasses fill, the sand falls
Days and months, not coming to a halt. 

Hope in heart, fire in psyche
Past fades, as she nears the light
The present shifts, her future is free, 
Time didn’t stop but neither did she. 

{Composed by Me}


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