Today is December 21st, 2012. According to what some have been saying, and the Mayan Calendar, the world is supposed to end today. However, I don’t see any disasters around me currently, or hear any news from NASA about a huge asteroid shooting towards the Earth. So, I think it will be safe to say that the “End of the World” is definitely not approaching, not any time soon at least.

Or is it? If you see the world through my eyes, the end is here. Or at least, the end of humanity and mankind is. We no longer cherish life, or the people around us, not even animals, or nature, or this earth. We have all drowned in our selfishness so much, that we have become indifferent to what is happening around us. War, genocide, abuse, mass murder, rape, animal cruelty, gluttony, bullying, greed, waste – it has all become something “normal”, something that happens everyday, something that we watch or read about in the News, yet don’t give a second thought on.

As long as it is not happening to me, why should I waste my time thinking about it, worrying about it, trying to do something about it? I am a normal person leading a normal life, what can I do anyway? What difference can one man make anyway? – Such is the attitude of us, and I say us, because I am no different either, and it is a pity, a shame. We say, “I heard about the school children shooting in Connecticut, it is awful.” “I heard about the gang rape in Delhi, how terrible.” And that is about it. We simply ponder over it for half a second, and then move on with our lives. But no one stops to wonder, where has the humanity disappeared? No one stops to think, why do people commit such deeds? No one says, I should try to do something about it. And why would we? After all, we are no saints. We can’t just give up the normalcy of our lives and set on an almost impossible task of righting the wrongs in this world.

Yet, it is us who let it get to this point. It is us who cause the wrongs in the world. It is us who have made the task of righting the wrongs impossible. And now, perhaps it is too late to do anything about it. Perhaps, this is it. Perhaps the brink of the end of humanity, of compassion, of love, of care, of empathy, of sympathy, of standing up and doing something, has been reached.

Nevertheless, one shouldn’t stop hoping. If you still believe that maybe the world hasn’t been sucked into darkness yet, that maybe there is still a chance of saving what little of humanity is left among us, hold on to that belief. Don’t give in, and don’t just wonder, do something about it. A small act of kindness, such as even stopping a human, if you see one, from abusing a fellow human, may not seem to make much of a difference, but it does make the smallest of differences. Or if nothing, at least try to be a better human, and maybe, just maybe, your goodness may inspire others to reach into and bring back their own humanity. A million small acts like that, a billion people tapping back into their humanity, and we may just save this world. 

I’ll consider this my new beginning – I’ll try to be a better human from today. Will you?

6 thoughts on “End of the World… or Humanity? {A result of some musings}

  1. I will Aditi.I will.I've been thinking a lot too and reading this just boosting me up with hope.See , those cases are terrible and beyond the definition of evil.but you,our friends,some of my family,and some random strangers out there give the world hope that love,kindness and compassion will still live till human kind im gonna sleep well today.and u should too.and keep hoping for the best.the way u wrote this piece just showed how much u cared.thank you. Pera ❤


  2. This is such an inspiring piece! And so beautifully written! I wish this were written somewhere for the whole world to see so that not only me or your friends will be inspired by it but everyone else as well.

    Your writing always gives me something to think about. Today before bed, I'm surely going to think about it again and think about what I can do to be a better human or what I can do to make a difference no matter how small.


  3. Dear Aditi, I loved reading your thoughts. When I see a world full of people who don't give a damn really, it is heart warming to see my beautiful niece who cares, and thinks deeply. One who thinks beyond only herself and her immediate world. I am really proud of you! Here in USA some people have started a movement, and many have joined…called “26 Acts of Kindness” for the 26 children and adults gunned down in Connecticut. I have joined it too. After all, the only way to “defeat” all this darkness is by doing the opposite. Of course, I will not stop at 26…each day I promise to do something in honor of every person lost to us. The Connecticut shooting has left so many of us totally paralyzed…we see our kids in those kids. What happened with Ragini and her friend in that bus is something I can't even bear to think about. But I realize that the only way to lift myself up from this sadness is to do good in this world. I'm proud of you! ((((hugs))))

    Swati bua


  4. (adding to the above comment) I am not sure of the name of the girl in the Delhi bus case…I read “Ragini” in one place…”Damini” in another. But my heart goes out to her. And I pray she gets well, and such things never happen again.


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