I remember walking down the lane

laughing and giggling without a care
I remember splashing around in the rain
talking about school and boys and weird dares
I remember all those hugs and squeals
sharing excitement and happiness giddily
I remember trying out dresses and crazy high heels
sighing over ourselves and acting all silly
I remember deep conversations and words of comfort
gazing at the scenery and crying over petty issues
I remember supporting each other and diminishing the hurt
cheering up and sharing good and bad “news”
I remember hour-long phone calls
stretching through early afternoons and late nights
I remember watching crazy movies and window shopping at malls
getting over depressed moods and trivial fights
I remember making up songs and singing out loud
having inside jokes and teasing endlessly
I remember staring and admiring the moon and the clouds
taking pictures on sleepovers aimlessly
I remember it all as if it were yesterday
the fun, the laughter, the love, the heart-to-hearts
I remember all the memories we made along the way
as our friendship lives on despite being miles apart. 
{Composed by Me}
This poem is dedicated to my two best friends Rashmi & Bindu who are all the way in Tanzania, yet remain close to my heart. 

7 thoughts on “I Remember..

  1. I Love U Aditi…. I wish u were here i jus can't adjust with sum ppl even after a year.. no1 gives me awsum advice bout guys..!!! no1 spy's on my guy jus to chk if he's lookin…. Me n Bindu Love u soooo much n Miss u soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much…<3 ❤ :* :*


  2. ADITI!!!! this poem is soooooo relatable…I can see myself in some lines back like years ago..you are truly a lyrical genius! I genuinely hope that you and your friends will remain close until forever ❤ Loves!


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