So, this particular post has been sitting in the back of my mind for quite some time – specifically from 24 August 2012 – but what with registration, studies, assignments, and shifting houses, I just didn’t get the time to pen it down. Nevertheless, I am here with it now.

Recently, I travelled from Malaysia to India to Tanzania and back to visit friends and family around for my vacations. While most of the journey was fine, it was the travel from Chennai (India) to KL (Malaysia) that caused me much anxiety.

For starters, Chennai airport – to put it in plain harsh words – is one disorganised and unhygienic airport. There were small cockroaches crawling around the place, hardly enough seats to sit, and barely any functioning “boards” (on which flight information is displayed).

As I entered, there were no signboards to guide me to my flight counter, and when I somehow asked my way around and reached the check-in point, there was no one behind the desk. Then, when someone finally arrived to attend to me, the man asked me for my cargo luggage. I was baffled because I had stopped at Chennai for transit – my cargo luggage had gone in from Bangalore and they had informed me there that it would directly reach KL, without me having to pick it up at and re-send it from Chennai. Once I explained the situation to the man in-charge, he told me that he’d send someone to collect my luggage from the flight (apparently, they had not yet unloaded the passengers’ luggage on the conveyor belts), and told me to stand aside. After about 45 minutes of waiting and fuming, I got my luggage – apparently it had gone into a flight for an onward journey which was about to take off and if I hadn’t made a fuss and asked them to work faster, my luggage would have gone god-knows-where.

Anyway, after dealing with my luggage issues, I checked in and went to the waiting area. There, I came to know from a very disturbed and unclear announcement that my flight was delayed – and not a single board/television screen was showing “delay” status of the flight. After some more confusion, chaos, and asking around, I got to know the details of my flight’s arrival – it wasn’t a pleasant experience to say the least.

Nevertheless, when I finally proceeded for the security, about to board the flight, the security person informed me that my boarding pass was “invalid” as there was no “flight stamp” on it. Apparently, the attendant who had issued my boarding pass had “forgotten” to put it on. Anyway, after some verification and such, I finally was able to board the flight with a sigh of relief. Needless to say, the anxiety-full journey took its toll on me, and I fell sick later too.

I don’t know whether it was a bad day, or whether that airport is always this disorganized and chaotic, but after going through this horrible experience at the Chennai airport, I have decided to never travel via Chennai again.

{Phew. It feels good to finally have vented it all out.}


2 thoughts on “Of Airports and Anxiety

  1. Well, Chennai sure has its problems, but this was one exceptional “event”. Things are normally not as bad as this.
    Your experience with the man at the desk notwithstanding, cases of luggage landing up in the wrong destination, unfortunately, is pretty common with many airlines. Good that you got out of this mess eventually.


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