There are people in this world who are misjudged now and again. The society judges them without knowing their story and scar them forever. Here’s a poem of mine that can only superficially describe the state of a judged one.

You can see it in her eyes
the way they glance around
how she feels alone, how she is so depressed

You can sense it in her talks
the way she stutters at times
how she feels uncertain, how she is so insecure

You can see it in her smile
the way it falters after a while
how she feels afraid, how she is so unsure

You can sense it in her strides
the way she walks with her head held down
how she feels judged, how she is so repressed

You can see it in her laugh
the way she stops abruptly
how she feels nervous, how she is afraid of being judged again

You can sense it in her silence
the way she seems lost in her past
how she was once put down, how she is scared to get back up again

You can see it in her tears
the way she attempts to hide them
how she had gone through so much, how she is all alone

You can sense it in everything she does
the way she is so withdrawn
how she had been misjudged, how she is left lonely and friendless.


5 thoughts on “You can see it

  1. Aditi!!!! this is soooo good!a lot of people can relate to it and im sure i did….u r a good observer Adi..this poem shows that u r aware of what u r feeling and reacting…. that makes a good poet and beyond that, a storyteller…keep it coming!!!! -PeRa-


  2. Hey eesha, thanks a lot for your sweet comment, I am glad you think my poem evokes great emotions 🙂

    And thank you so much Pera! Your comment always makes me smile! I am glad that you think I am a good poet and storyteller, thank you!


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