The other day, I was watching an episode of the hindi program “Satyameva Jayate” (which means The truth prevails) and it taught me a new lesson – a lesson to live life to its fullest. The program showed how the senior citizens of society enjoy their lives in ways that even youngsters today don’t, how they don’t give up living, and how they continue to fulfil their dreams despite their old age.

The episode gave me inspiration, if they can do it then why can’t we? Why do we have to live our lives mumbling about our workload and problems, when we can enjoy everything we do? Why do we have to live our lives just for the sake of living, when we can fulfil our dreams along the way?

If old age cannot stop people, then why do we allow daily routine, work load, misery, and stress to stop us from doing what we want, from enjoying every moment of our lives, from finding happiness in the smallest of things?

It is surely something to think about. We may grow old, but our hopes, our dreams, they never get old. And if we have the will,  the determination to accomplish something, we can surely do it. 

Google the episode “Satyameva Jayate: Old Age – Sunset Years, Sunshine Life” and gain some inspiration to truly live life.

4 thoughts on “A few wise words..

  1. I too watched that episode and it really gave me and I'm sure everyone else who watched it something to think about. It made me happy to see those senior citizens, although thrown out of their houses by their own children, having so much fun and indeed like you said “living life to its fullest.”


  2. We may grow old, but our hopes, our dreams, they never get old —> I'm loving u for saying that. I already quoted it in my Quote book and wrote ur name beside it. Thanks Aditi, ur the best lah!


  3. LOVED IT ! simply loved it !!
    by the way i loved ur blog since its truly u in the real sense !


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