Life is a maze full of obstacles
But who says you will be lost?
Don’t let the fire in the soul die,
Don’t let the courage within exhaust.
The path may be harsh
But who says you cannot find roses among the thorns?
Don’t let the hurt win over,
Don’t let the spirit be forlorn.
The destination may seem far off
But who says you cannot reach it one day?
Don’t let the hope extinguish,
Don’t let the anticipation wither away.
Everything may be a haze now
But who says the clouds will not clear?
Don’t let the resolve dither
Don’t let the qualms move near.
The world may be engulfed in darkness
But who says the night is here to stay?
Don’t let the fears triumph,
Don’t give up waiting for a bright new day.
The troubles may seem far too much
But who says solutions will not follow?
Don’t let the faith waver,
Don’t allow the heart to go hollow.
It all may seem terribly broken now
But who says it will never mend?
Don’t let the progress halt
Don’t let the journey meet a rueful end. 

{Composed by Me}

3 thoughts on “Don’t Let It End..

  1. '''The destination may seem far off
    But who says you cannot reach it one day?''
    this gives me hope Aditi…ill always wonder how am i really gonna live my dream…i never stop wondering that..but this line helps me to stop wondering n start believing….u r a treasure ❤


  2. Eesha: Aw thank you :)Your short but sweet comments always motivate me to keep writing!

    Pera: Aw I am so glad this gives you hope 🙂 You really shouldn't wonder though, you're born to conquer, you'll surely live your dream & live it beautifully 😀 Thanks a lot ❤


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