Was it your piercing stare or your sparkling eyes,
That charmed me so and had me mesmerized?

Was it your alluring voice or your flattering words,
That had my heart thrumming like a hummingbird’s?

Was it your radiating warmth or your carefree grin,
That drew me closer and pulled me in?

Was it your soothing caress or your comforting hug,
That had me addicted to you like a drug?

Was it the adoration in your eyes or the love in your words,
That changed so suddenly and gave me so much hurt?

Was it your truth or was it your change,
That I couldn’t fathom and was driving me insane?

Was it your distance or was it your emotion,
That pushed me away and caused this commotion?

Was it your ignorant coldness or your persistent scowl,
That killed me so and made my heart yowl?

Was it your betrayal or was it your fallen façade,
That broke my heart and showed me your true face?

Was it your love or was it your hate,
That has brought me today to this agonizing state?

{Composed by Me}

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