Final exams are drawing closer with each passing day. This also means that the end of Foundation is nearing. My throat constricts at the thought. 
June 21, 2012 will mark the end of my Foundation year in Taylor’s. A journey of 1 year – a journey full of ups and downs, of surprises and smiles, of tears and frustration, of jokes and hang-outs. Even though I return to Taylor’s to pursue my degree, things will be much different. Many of my classmates from FICM (Foundation in Communication) July 2011 batch will no longer be here, choosing different pathways. 
Time really flies by. It seems like it was just yesterday when I took my first step in Malaysia, in Taylor’s University; when I first began this memorable journey. Now I realize how much we never do appreciate what we have until it is gone – or until it is on the verge of ending. Only now I realize how much I am going to miss the FICM class of 2011, how much I am attached to them. Starting degree will be like starting everything from scratch all over again. 
This finale is like an ending a part of my life – a part that made me, in more ways than one, who I am today. I learnt a lot of lessons throughout this year – lessons in course subjects, lessons in responsibility, lessons in leadership, lessons in friendship, and most importantly, lessons in life. 
But as they say, when one door closes in life, another opens. As my Foundation year comes to a close, a whole new bunch of challenges, opportunities, and lessons await me. After all, new beginnings only open when old times come to a close. 


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