Recently, a very good friend of mine, Pera, left Taylor’s (my university). It is not surprising since our batch is coming to the end of the 1-year Foundation course. In two weeks, we’ll no longer be FICM students, and while many of us remain here to pursue our degree, there are some who leave to pursue their dreams elsewhere.

This friend that I talk about is an inspiration – he is an amazing performer, an engaging orator, and a lively person with an awesome sense of humour. He never fails to make those around him forget their worries and smile along with him. I have known him for almost an year now, and we recently came close in our second semester. He truly inspired me – inspired me to not only chase my dreams but also strive to fulfil them. He taught me an important lesson in life – to not only move on from the past, but also to learn from it and utilize it to build a better future. I will always remember him and his words and all that I learnt from him.
Moreover, it is not just me – there are a lot of us who will remember him. The day he was leaving, so many of us had tears streaming down our cheeks, and as we hugged and wished him goodbye and good luck, he couldn’t help shedding a few tears either. It is interesting how such strong bonds can build between people over a short expanse of time.

Pera, I hope that all your dreams do come true – that you are able to go to the USA and become a big star one day; And when you do, I hope that you won’t forget your Foundation in Communication class of 2011, and that we’re still in touch for me to congratulate you on your success. 
Or perhaps, as you said the other day, we may meet on the stage – just like Opera Winfrey and J.K. Rowling!! 

…It hurts when friends move far away, but that pain is nothing compared to the happiness experienced on seeing that friend attain great success in life, and I hope I am able to experience that happiness one day 🙂


4 thoughts on “A Departing Friend…

  1. Aditi..omg …thank u sooo much…im getting extremely emotional reading this right now..i never thought that you will do this to me..its so much special n meant everything to me..ill treasure this n i will definitely treasure u deep down in my heart n safely lock our memories together…u r so lovely n u have a magical impact on sitting here in Penang, all I can think about, is you n the rest of FICM so so so blessed to know u..n remember i will never, ever forget u. again, we both gonna be huge, big n nobody is going to stop us. Im telling u this- sincerely- mark this baby- WE WILL MEET AT THE TOP. loves…..


  2. Aww ❤ I am glad this touched your heart 🙂 You had a magical impact on me to, and we're all blessed to know you! I do hope that it happens as you say, we become big and we meet at the TOP!! All the best mate!!


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