I held your hand in your times of darkness,
I lent you my shoulder when you were surrounded by sadness
I hugged you tight when you didn’t feel sane,
I kissed your tears in your times of pain.

You left me stumbling when I lost my light,
You didn’t care when I didn’t feel alright,
You pushed me aside when I was almost dying,w
You turned away when I broke down crying.

I stood by your side through thick and thin,
I smiled and forgave all your sins,
I shared your laughter in joyful times,
I walked with you through lows and highs.

You turned your back when I was in need,
You held a grudge over unwanted deeds,
You shrugged me off when I wanted to share my delight,
You walked away when I needed you by my side.

I cared for you more than anything,
I could give up, for you, everything,
I prayed for your happiness and so much more,
I loved you with my entire heart and soul.

You never cared, but gave me pain,
You used me for your selfish gain,
You betrayed me and put me through hell,
You broke my heart and now I am an empty shell.

{Composed by Me}

3 thoughts on “The Difference in Us

  1. awww…u r definitely turning ur pain into strength and expressing it beautifully using words..u r awesome..n Aditi, promise me to keep tagging me in twitter even after foundation cause i would like to be part of ur creative journey….


  2. @Eeesha: Aw thank you, I am glad the emotions came across 🙂

    @Pera: Aw thanks a lot Pera! You always keep me motivated! And yes of course I'll keep informing you everytime I update my blog ❤


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