Heads turned and gasps were heard
as she glided down the aisle gracefully,
then her eyes locked with the groom’s
and something shifted, something stirred.

The bride came to a stumbling halt,
suddenly her past swimming before her eyes,
And in that moment when she looked at her groom,
her heart experienced a painful jolt.

Much to her audience’s relief, she took a deep breath
and resumed her walk, forcing herself and her broken heart,
This time she kept her eyes on the ground, afraid to look up,
as none knew how every step of hers was filled with painful dread.

Her eyes shone with the tears of regret
as she strolled towards her husband-to-be,
but it was not he that plagued her thoughts,
rather a man who her heart had been forced to forget.

She had loved him with her entire being
but he presented her with a betrayal in return,
she had wept, she had wailed, but she knew she had to move on,
and so they told her to love the one who presented her with the ring.

And here she was now, her heart threatening to shatter into a million shards
as she walked in white towards the man she didn’t love,
yet she assured herself that this was best to do,
and forced herself to remain in the present and not ponder over the past.

The tears almost spilled as she reached her destination,
her heart breaking a little more as she flashed a smile.
She recited her vows then, pain coursing through her with every word,
and the next thing she knew, she was saying “I do” without any hesitation.

He kissed her then, as she was announced his lawfully wedded wife,
and she swallowed her grief, banishing the memories of her former lover.
Her heart ached, her soul bled, yet she smiled through it all, 
twirling on the dance floor with the husband to whom she was now tied for life.

{Composed by Me}


3 thoughts on “The Wedding

  1. this is so painful to read..it's like you've been through these moments Aditi..that good! anyway, keep it going..u r not only a poet but also a really good story teller..wow..just wow…


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