A mother is the most amazing person on Earth. She goes through pain to bring us into this world, and loves us more than any one could ever love us. She is truly an incredible being, and whatever we do, we can never thank her enough, or repay her, for all she has done for us. What they do for their children is really commendable, and I salute them all 🙂

Here is a small piece of mine, dedicated to my mother, a wonderful person whom I love with all my heart.

You were Always There 
You were there when I first opened my eyes
and saw the beauty of this world,
You were there when I first stretched my arms
and cried.
You were there when I learnt to crawl
and when I began to walk,
You were there when I was unsteady on my feet
to catch me every time I fall.
You were there to take me to school
holding my hand,
You were there to guide me always
and be my learning tool.
You were there as I grew older through the years,
listening to your chides,
You were there to hold me and love me
to care for me and drive away my fears.
You were there to make me delicious dishes
and remind me to do my work,
You were there to support me through all those sleepless nights before exams,
and shower me with hugs and kisses.
You were there when I was taking a new giant leap
and leaving behind my old life,
You were there to cheer me on to not be afraid
and taught me to follow my dreams.
You were there when I missed home
telling me it will be fine, on skype
You were there to wipe away all my tears
every time I felt frustrated and alone.
You were there to pat me on the back
when I did something good,
You were there to be proud of me and make me happy
every time I made a good catch!
You were there for me through thick and thin
You became my light in darkness,
You were there for me through all walks of my life
to reward my goodness and forgive my sins.
You were there when I needed a hug or a chide, when I cried or I smiled,
I could never express all my love and gratitude to you,
You were there for me in every moment of my past
and all I hope is your unconditional love to stay with me all my life.
(Composed by me)


5 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day!!

  1. This is really wonderful my dearest aditi.i am really impressed, u again reminded me many more sweet memories.

    very sweet and emotional poem.
    love you


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