Today was a strange day, it is hard to give it a name – a good day, a bad day, or just a day? 

It started off with me waking up at 11.45 AM. Originally, I had set the alarm for 11 AM, having decided to catch the 12 PM bus, and reach college campus about two and half hours before the first and only lecture of the day (that began at 3 PM). Unfortunately, due to a certain button called Snooze on my phone, and my brain nagging me saying “It’s okay, you don’t have to reach campus so early, wake up at 11.30 instead,” I finally scrambled out of my bed at 11.45 AM, decided to instead catch the 1 PM bus.
Unfortunately, things were set to not go my way. Apparently, I took too much time ironing my clothes, organizing my bag, and getting ready, that by the time I was finished it was already 12.55 PM. I knew that in no way would I be able to catch the 1 PM bus, since walking to the bus stop itself takes about 10 minutes. So instead, I headed down to “Asia Cafe” for some lunch, feeling slightly disgruntled. 
To my surprise, my mood instantly uplifted as soon as I entered the Cafe! As I walked in, the first “stall” I saw was “North Indian Cuisine” and that made my day (sort of). It has almost been an year since I came to Malaysia and it is very difficult to find North Indian cuisine here, except in expensive fancy restaurants which I can only afford to eat at few times a month, so of course I was delighted to find a place giving out North Indian food at reasonable (actually pretty cheap) prices, just 2 minutes away from my apartment! And thus, I had a delicious, albeit oily and spicy, lunch of Aloo Pratha
Once I was done, I headed towards the bus stop, in quite a good mood, only for my good spirits to be dampened by the sudden splattering of rain on my face. It wasn’t amusing to run through puddles and traffic at the same time, with the rain splashing all around me, when I didn’t even have an umbrella since the day had started out pretty sunny, so it was once again an irritated me who reached the (thankfully sheltered) bus stop. I wasn’t dripping wet with water, but I wasn’t very dry either, and that didn’t make me quite happy.
Anyhow, I waited for the bus, and waited, and waited. Guess what? It never came. I sat waiting at the bus stop (thank god for the bench) for about 40 minutes before I gave up. It had to be today, the day I had a presentation to deliver, that the bus had to lose its way. I was super annoyed then, and took a cab, that cost me what seemed like billions, and somehow reached campus – even more annoyed than before. Why? Thanks to the taxi driver. He lectured me all about the corruption in India, why India isn’t developing, what is wrong with Indian government etc. etc. I seriously regretted him telling I am an Indian when he had asked me where I was from.
Well, soon I had reached campus in not a very good mood, and then as I walked to class, something good happened. My best friend in Tanzania called me. It was such a surprise, I was staring at my phone for a moment before picking up only to hear her ever bubbly, cheery, and fun-loving voice. It lifted my spirits at once and the next thing I knew I was laughing and talking with her all the way to class, and for a while after reaching too (class hadn’t started then).
So, when I walked out of class to the little balcony kind of area near the lecture theatre, take a breath of fresh air, once we were done talking, (class still hadn’t begun), I was met by a sight of three or four girls (friends apparently) splashing and jumping and just having fun in the rain at the parking area. The sight brought a smile to my face. I wondered what had happened to me, why had I grown so cynical? After all, there used to be a time when I used to enjoy the rain just as much, when I used to enjoy delving in useless conversations with random people, when I used to just take everything in life with a grin and my long talks! That was when I decided, it was time to resort to “old me”.
After all, it was just a bad day (if you can call it that), it is not a bad life 🙂

3 thoughts on “Just a day of ups and downs… (rant)

  1. u had learned something in the I think its a really good day that u got to treasure forever and get back to the old you where u used to enjoy little stuffs Aditi. anyway,u will have a good life. Even though we are not that close but I'm honestly telling u : You're a good person. And you will have a magical life that U always wish for..<3


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