She trusted them – her friends
Only to discover they talked behind her back
She thought they loved her the way she loved them
Only to realize they left her half way through her life track.
They told her how flawed she was
Giving her a list of her faults
She thought, isn’t friendship all about
Accepting someone with their flaws?
Yet she realized she may have hurt her friends unknowingly
And proceeded to apologize, after all she may have been mean
Then she began to reflect, and recognized how terrible she truly was
And now she hated herself with a passion that had never been seen.
She sobbed uncontrollably and cried until there were tears left no more
Her heart clenched painfully each time she thought of all she had done
She thought of how, without realizing, she had become this selfish arrogant monster
She writhed in agony on the inside, despising herself, wanting to break free and just run.
She lost the meaning of life
She didn’t care to live or love anymore
She forgot what it felt like to be happy
All she thought of was how she was this hurtful person no one could adore
There were people who tried to make her smile
There were those who tried to tell her she was better than that
But she had lost her self-confidence, her faith in herself
And now nothing made a difference to her; her life had turned black
Soon she couldn’t hold it together anymore, driven mad by her own faults
So she found the only way out – she decided to get rid of the pain and her miserable curse
She had loved herself all her life, so she couldn’t live anymore – not after knowing she had been wrong
And so she sought her release in death, deciding after all it would be one less terrible person on this earth.

{Composed by me}

5 thoughts on “Flawed

  1. I like this Aditi, I think there were enough emotions for a poem in this one :p but as you are trying to make a suicide approach, there's some sort of an ambiguity there, in terms of… I don't know, how it would pleasure this person when she commits suicide? hehehe. I don't know what I'm talking about actually hahaha. but this is good! as always :))


  2. cmon Aditi this is amazing!!!! btw i just concern about you la..if you need anybody to talk to,im always here…and keep tis going girl..u meant to play BIG with your life ❤


  3. Hey Sheany! Thank you so much for your comments 🙂 …well that is the whole point actually, she is so deranged now, so unhinged, that she finds solace/pleasure in dying and finally getting 'released from her pain'. Hope that explains it 🙂 Thank you!

    …and thanks Pera!! Haha, I am perfectly fine, it's just a poem lol, I read something & got inspired to write it, lol. But thank you so much for your sweet comment 🙂


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