They say you miss your home the most when you’re at your happiest or your saddest. Well, I don’t know about happy or sad, but I sure do miss my home (home comprises of my parents, my sister, and my grandparents) at the most random of moments.

For instance, today was a long, tiring, yet uneventful day. All I did was attend lectures at university, and then go to Kuala Lumpur to collect my passport which has just been freshly renewed. However, it is not as easy as it sounds. It is a whole procedure of changing trains, waiting at the stations, pushing through crowds, and walking quite a lot.

It is at such moments that I miss my sister. If only she were here with me to accompany me through all this hustle & bustle, maybe the journey wouldn’t have been so tiring. It would still have been hectic, but when you have someone for company, especially your elder sister, it gets a lot better.

Further on, there are a lot of random times when I miss my mother. When I’m sitting and typing on my laptop all day long, when assignment due dates are near, and when exams are round the corner, one thought strikes my mind – “If Mom was here, she would be nagging me to shut down the laptop and get to work.” But now, when I’m here all alone in this house, except for my housemates, all I hear is silence, with no one to tell me when to stop surfing the internet, when to stop facebooking, when to sit down and study, and when to do my assignments.

Then, there is the matter of household chores. Oh, how I hate them so! Washing the dishes, doing the laundry (even though it’s just dumping the clothes in the washing machine, switching it on, and later hanging them up, and then taking them off), sweeping & mopping the floor, and keeping things organized. At such moments, all I do is miss my mommy. There, I’ve said it.

Finally, there are these little things in life that trigger sweet memories & make me smile and cry at the same time. For instance, coming back to an empty home after a long day Uni or a long swim makes me miss the steaming bowl of macroni or maggi or something equally delicious cooked by my mother’s expert hands that I used to eat back home after a tiring time.

When I pick up an orange to eat, there is this always one memory that comes to the forefront – my grandfather peeling off the orange peels, removing the fibres, and feeding me those little orange pieces with his own hands. I miss it, because every time I sit down to eat an orange here, it is tasteless without my grandpa’s love. When I wear my thick green nightshirt to sleep, I miss my grandmother. I can smell her scent on the nightshirt, because that nightshirt was originally stitched for my grandmother to wear over her saree to avoid the cold. It didn’t fit her unfortunately, so I got it. And every single time I wear it, I miss her.

And Lastly, when I watch certain television shows online, or read an interesting book, I miss Dad. This one needs no explanation – because watching TV and reading books is what he loves, and watching TV and reading books is what I love.

There are a million more things that I miss about home, and every single one cannot be listed here, but what I miss the most is all the love and the warmth that radiated from each moment we all spent together. Time never comes back, but it gives us opportunities to make new memories, and so I’m looking forward to my trip to Tanzania and India in almost 2 months, and hope to share as many great moments as I can with all my loved ones.


7 thoughts on “Being Homesick? (a long rant)

  1. Yes, I agree with Easha, it's wonderful and while reading, I felt all your emotions!

    I will be homesick too in a month, because I have to work in the another city. Just for 2 months but still. I will miss my Grandparents most (I'm at their home now) and I can't imagine how could I live without that everyday routine which we do together!


  2. Aww thank you Oxana! And I know, living away from family, and suddenly changing your everyday routine is hard, but you'll get used to it! Plus, it's only for 2 months, you'll be back to non-homesickness soon enough xD


  3. You have brought long forgotten times to the fore with your power of the pen. We are proud of you and look forward eagerly to having you and anku back with us again – papa


  4. I feel proud when you express varied emotions so beautifully but in a simple way. I look forward to stuffing you again with your favorite delicacies and spending time together again – to share old memories and create new ones.


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