Her eyes are closed, her body shuddering,
She rocks back and forth, painfully clutching her sides.
Her mind is in a far away place, locked in the dark, not coming out
She struggles to break free, wishing for someone to hear her silent cries.

There is no one around, she’s all alone
she eats, she sleeps, she walks, she survives
Yet no one knows how bit by bit she’s slipping away
her senses dimming, her heart constricting, as she slowly dies.

The darkness is engulfing her, the pit pulling her down
Slowly and Slowly, she’s loosing her hold on reality
no one knows, no one understands, as she retreats away
her screams go unheard as she falls deeper into insanity.

She is haunted every moment and second, 
by those terrible recurring nightmares,
The pain ultimately becomes unbearable
she thrashes around freely, too far gone to care.

The memories of war and bloodshed never really leave her,
the flashbacks of death and destruction become her regular visitors
She watches helplessly and hopelessly, driven mad by agony
over and over again she sees, until one day her screams turn to murmurs and whispers.

They try to aid her, to pull her back from despair,
but it is useless; they are way too late
and so they just watch as she recoils away from their ruthless selfish world
the world that caused her misery – that gave her this ill-fate.

She has floated away now, to a land where no harm comes to her or her loved ones
Where there is no bloodbath and no murder, and peace is all to remain
The land is her refuge, her haven, and she walks here carefree and calm
Only this place where her mind has taken her, is what the cruel world labels as insane.

{Composed by  Me}


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