Life is unpredictable. You never what happens. One minute there is good news, the next minute there is bad. One moment you feel like you’re on the top of the world, and the next brings you down to hell. Something you always thought to be true turns out to be a lie. Something you thought impossible, suddenly appears in front of you, and stares you in the face. Yet, despite the emotional roller-coaster, despite the incomprehensible web of lies and truth, of happiness and sadness, of love and hate, you don’t stop living. You move on step by step, little by little, because all these moments, these incidences, these circumstances, are mere experiences for you to learn from. They are there to teach you something or the other, to teach you to be strong, to not repeat your mistakes, to never give up, to always have faith, to learn to accept things as they come, and to embrace every happy moment and let go of every sad one.

You must never forget that you are on this planet for a reason. You are here to make a difference, however big or small it may be, and you must not deter away from your goal. Why? Because your goal is what makes you. Your goal, what you want to do with your life, is what defines you. It may be something simple like making your parents happy and allowing them to live a comfortable life, or it may be something big like becoming a great successful person and making a memorable identity for yourself. Your goal can be to simply live life to the fullest and depart the world happy, or it can be to plan and map out every single stage of this journey and live it on your terms. Whatever it may be, you must never forget it, and never be discouraged or lose hope, no matter what happens. You must never lose faith and keep living – not merely surviving but living.
Remember, if fate throws a problem you way, then it also has given you the strength to face it. You just need to look inside yourself and find that strength; the light to guide you through your darkness lies right inside you, in your very heart and soul. You must never feel lonely, must never feel stranded, because even if the world turns its back on you, you yourself are enough for yourself. God is with you, He is within you, and he will never leave you alone. All you need is to believe, to have faith, to keep courage, to not lose hope.
In the past 16 years of my life, I have gone through many experiences – both pleasant and unpleasant, and there were times when I felt like there was no hope, that nothing could be done any more, that I lost the battle, but then I searched within myself for that ray of light, for that courage, for that faith, and then when I found it, it was like finding myself all over again. I made sure to believe in myself so that each time I fell down, I got up again, having learnt something from the experience. I won’t say I was very strong, because I wasn’t. I made mistakes, I felt shattered, I struggled on my way, but I didn’t lose faith and that gave me strength enough to not give up.
Today, once again, I found myself at a stage where, for a few moments I felt broken, hollow, shattered; I felt like I would never be able to get over this unpleasantness ever again, to never be able to focus on anything ever again, but then I composed myself, I pulled myself together, and reminded myself that I was strong, that I could handle anything that comes my way. And now I know, I will heal, bit by bit, and I will be whole again. Nothing and no one can stop me from reaching my goal, from fulfilling my ambition, from becoming a successful mass-communicator, from becoming a renowned name in the Advertising industry, from having a career and life I’ve always wanted. I’ll strive to be the best and will never stop trying, treating every obstacle on my road to happiness as just another hurdle to jump over, and keep moving forward.
I don’t know whether my words are affecting you or not, but I hope I succeed in being an inspiration enough to allow you to get back up and move forward each time you fall. Learn from your experiences and believe in yourself.
Turn around and observe carefully the footsteps you have created. Wait and watch as the waves wash away that chapter, then turn away and write a fresh chapter with a confident smile as you move forward.

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