I update this post every now and then.

Welcome to My blog.

I am Aditi Verma, third year student of University of West of England, studying BA (Hons) Media and Journalism. 
I am born on 24th of November, 1995 and thus I’m a Sagittarius.
I am dusky-skinned with dark-brown (almost black) eyes. 
My interests: Reading, Writing, Public Speaking, Socialising, Surfing the Web, watching TV, watching Movies, watching videos on YouTube, listening to music, and sometimes Partying. 
Few words that describe me: Confident, Ambitious, Optimist, Determined, Passionate, Caring, Trustworthy, Leader, Procrastinator (at times), and Writer.
Skills: Academic mostly; and Dancing (kind of). Creativity too – though not in “art and craft”. 
Favorite Color(s): Blue, Black and Dark green.
Movies and Celebrities: Long list – but I love Hollywood as well as Bollywood flicks and celebs.
Books: An extremely long list; but favorite Genres to read – Romance, Angst, Mystery/Thriller or Fantasy. 
Music: Another one that has a very long list – but I prefer both Western and Indian artists/songs.
Family: Parents (both working) and an Elder sister (studying in another University).
Friends: Many. Yet, only a few close ones.
Weather: Winter or Autumn.
….and there’s so much more.

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