The End

We had tons of memories and gallons of love,
And then in a few mere moments
It all fell apart with hardly a thud.

Something went wrong, something went amiss,
We drifted apart, you shut me off,
Forgetting every touch, forgetting every kiss.

As time flies by, I have come to accept
Time won’t come back, nothing will change,
We were never meant to be, and that is set.

Yet the tears still slip by as my weak heart cries for you,
The sobs still choke and make me want to die,
Making me wonder if I’ll ever be able to start anew.

Though a calm mask and a fake smile is plastered on my face,
Each passing day without you in my life is burning in hell,
No matter what happens, for you this heart forever aches.

Pain stabs me when I see you smile,
Such indifference, such callousness,
Like it doesn’t bother you that we haven’t even talked in a while.
I wonder and wonder, don’t you miss the times we shared?
That don’t you miss me, and don’t you miss ‘us’?
And then I realize I’m such a fool, of course you don’t care.

So here I am trying to piece my broken heart back together,
Bit by bit I’ll learn to live without you, but till then,
every moment makes me sadder and sadder.

Now I realize, Fairytale romance and happily-ever-after don’t exist in real, friends.
And even if it does, it is a just a short-lived fantasy,
That will one day surely come to an end.

{Composed by Me}

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