This is a short story of 800 words that I wrote for a competition. The theme was – End Of The World.



A loud gasp escaped me as a resounding crash shook my surroundings. This was not good; surely there was a way to avoid this brutal fate?

I fought back tears. It was too late. Nothing could be done. With a defeated sigh I got up from my crouching position and walked out tentatively. I had been hiding in the garage of my house since the past one week and it was strange walking out in daylight. I had not believed it when urgent announcements had been all over the television, newspapers, radio, internet and all other communication media. They just conveyed one single message: The End of the World Has Arrived.

At first I’d thought it was some sick, twisted joke. Yet, even I had known I was merely rebuking reality. We had all seen it coming for some time now. Since the past two years, death, disasters and destruction had increased heavily and readily – it was shocking. All kinds of disasters struck worldwide; Earthquakes, Floods, Cyclones, Typhoons, Tsunamis and what not. They shook the world we’d been living in and now we were left with no escape. There was no hope left for mankind – we were all going to be wiped out from the face of this earth very soon. Many of us already had.

I sighed as I made sure my helmet and shielding jacket was in place. I didn’t even know why I wore them. I couldn’t survive, that was certain, and yet here I was walking out of my hiding place since it might collapse any moment, tucked in protective gear.

As I pulled up the shutter to the garage, I almost retraced my steps. The three huge high-rise buildings that had stood opposite my home were now a heap of dust and debris on the
ground. This was worse than I had ever imagined. A fresh wave of panic swept through me and tears streamed down my cheeks freely as the gravity of the situation truly hit me.

There were dead bodies lying all around and my hands curled into fists. People were screaming and running and everyone was in a state of alarm. I couldn’t move. A strangled painful shriek filled the horrendous atmosphere then, and it took me a moment to realize it had escaped from my throat. Everyone heard of course but they were all too busy, too desperate, to find a way out of this mayhem themselves, to care.
I wanted to scream again. This wasn’t supposed to be happening! I was only nineteen for heaven’s sake! My life had just begun and now it was going to be cut off so abruptly – like many others. Sobs shook my body and more tears escaped as I realized I couldn’t even see the faces of my family, my love, and my friends before I died. My family was in another country, most likely facing the same that I was facing here – maybe they were already dead. My love, my one true love, and a handful of my friends, lived in the next neighbourhood and I had a sudden urge to walk over there and tell them all how much I loved them. But of course, I was being irrational. I would never make it till there. I realized this with another jolt of panic as the ground started shaking beneath me once again.

Stuttgart – the city I currently lived in – had been experiencing violent high-scale earthquakes since about two weeks or maybe more. They started out small but turned massive just like in the entire Germany, and well, the world. All telephone, internet, even electricity lines had been disrupted. The last they had worked was when the announcement had been made. I remembered how I had been watching the news in fear and disbelief when the electricity had suddenly gone off. There had been a total black out as a violent storm had hit. It was then when I had moved to the garage with hardly anything except some fruits, water and protective gear. That moment seemed eons away.

Now, it seemed like my feet were glued to the ground. I had become immobilized with helplessness and terror. The earth was shaking more violently. My eyes darted to the heavens as rain poured down heavily.
I heard a howl of shock from someone across the road that was running amongst the debris. For some reason that made me turn around slowly. I now saw why he had shrieked. The world was ending. I was dying.

My eyes widened in horror as what I’d called my home descended towards me. The building collapsed and consumed me in one fluid movement.

I succumbed to the darkness – my body going limp and my soul floating away in nothingness.


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