They say Love conquers all… and I quite agree. 

Today, as I was re-reading Harry Potter and The Order Of The Phoenix (the fifth book in the Harry Potter series), the importance of this emotion called Love struck me. Albus Dumbledore, or I should say J.K. Rowling, was not wrong to say that the greatest power in the universe is Love. 

Many of us take this wonderful feeling for granted; be it love from our parents, friends, family or the significant other. We don’t quite realize that there are many who are deprived of this amazing sentiment. There are many, all around us, who have never had the fortune to be bestowed with love. Orphans, for instance, have never experienced the unconditional and blissful love of a mother, or the encouraging and mentoring love of a father. Then, there are some unfortunate friendless folks among us who are unaware of the love and joy friends can bring. And of course, there are quite a lot of people who have not been hit by Cupid’s arrow (yet) and have not experienced the giddy heartwarming love of a partner (be it husband/wife or boyfriend/girlfriend). 

It quite amazes me how this splendid feeling has been among us humans since ages and ages, and yet there are some walking this earth who render this feeling as madness or a “waste” – bearing in them hatred, or dislike (seeing that hatred is a very strong word). However, it cannot be said that these poor men (or women) are heartless. No, not even the vilest of murderers or cruelest of robbers (or any other “evil-doers”) lack a heart… and of course, here I talk about Heart in its non-literal sense – not the human body organ that pumps blood in our body but the organ that is associated with feelings and emotions. I firmly believe that every single person on our beautiful planet possesses some room, however small or big, for this emotion called Love, only for a few unlucky ones the feeling gets pushed back and hidden in the deepest of corners and hatred/dislike comes to the forefront. Nevertheless, Love is always lurking somewhere in the corner and it will show itself at least once in the lifespan of the person, however evil or heartless he/she may have seemed throughout. This Love could come in the form of redemption for his/her wrongdoings, or simply in some form of unexpected generosity be it towards a stranger, an acquaintance or maybe even the enemy. 
I think Love can truly sprout at the most unexpected of times (it is rarely expected after all) and when it does, it reveals a person’s most humane side, no matter whether it had been there for all to see all along or even hidden behind an extremely dark and cold exterior.

So, we should always remember that everyone, however evil or bad they may seem, has some bit of love in them, and if we take the initiative to show them a bit of love ourselves, who knows, the love that lurks unseen in them might just show itself as well – and then there won’t be any cause of hatred between anyone at all, would there?

After all, All you need is Love.

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