Life is like a book,
It has its prologue and epilogue,
Each page has a new memory to cherish,
A new mystery to unfold…

With every new chapter,
A new adventure begins,
Another challenge to face
Every turn of the page brings…

The reader moves on with the book,
Experiencing happiness, sorrow and smiles,
Lies come along the way, so does deceit and conceit,
But it is the truth in which real beauty lies…

Each book is a drama of feelings,
A play of dreams and visions,
Lessons are learnt, repents made,
As words are engraved afresh…

Characters go in and out –
Both friends and foes,
Conflicts arise but solutions are found,
As the book of life carries forth…

The pages yellow over time,
Characters turning old and grey,
The book soon withers and tears apart,
The phrases fading away…

The journey ends at a point,
The book comes to a close,
What remains is a collection of memories,
And an…Anecdote.

{Composed by me}


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